How to install the Hijri date Add-on in Easy Form Builder Plugin?

How to Install the Hijri Date Add-On in the Easy Form Builder Plugin?

This guide will show you how to install and create a form with an Arabic (Islamic) date field using the Easy Form Builder Plugin.

  • Installation of Hijri date Add-on
  • Arabic date field in a form

Installation of Hijri Date Add-On

If you want to use an Arabic date field in your forms, you need to install the Hijri Date Add-On from the Add-Ons page. Simply click on “install” to begin.


You cannot use Islamic and Jalali date at the same time.

Arabic date field in a form

Before creating the form, ensure that you have installed the Hijri Date Add-On. Once it’s installed, navigate to the create page of the Easy Form Builder Plugin and begin building your form. When you need an Arabic date field, drag and drop it into your form.

The Arabic date field is now ready to use without the need for coding.

Once you’ve finished designing your form, be sure to save it.