Elevate Your Form-Building Experience with Easy Form Builder’s version 3.7.21!

🚀 Exciting News Alert! 🚀

🎉 We’re thrilled to announce the latest enhancements to Easy Form Builder, designed to elevate your form-building experience to new heights! 🎉

Here’s a rundown of what’s fresh and improved:

1️⃣ Enhanced File Management: We’ve revamped our file handling system by renaming all JS and CSS files, ensuring seamless integration and eliminating compatibility issues.

2️⃣ CAPTCHA Issue Resolved: Bid farewell to CAPTCHA glitches! We’ve resolved the CAPTCHA issue, ensuring smooth editing on the Easy Form Builder Panel.

3️⃣ Admin Convenience: Admins can now effortlessly add responses without the hassle of repetitive logins. Simplify your workflow with this user-friendly update!

4️⃣ Streamlined Message Handling: Managing messages is now a breeze with the addition of a “Select All” checkbox in the Messages section on the Easy Form Builder Panel.

5️⃣ Improved Message Management: We’ve introduced a delete button and a “Read” button to enhance message management efficiency on the Easy Form Builder Panel.

6️⃣ Seamless Settings Update: Say goodbye to phone number-related woes! We’ve resolved issues related to changing phone numbers in settings for a smoother user experience.

7️⃣ Polished UI: Our UI enhancements ensure a seamless and visually appealing experience on Easy Form Builder, making form creation a delight.

Experience the upgraded Easy Form Builder today and unlock a world of effortless form creation! 💼✨