How to activate the pro version of Easy form builder

Unlock the full potential of Easy Form Builder by activating the pro version today! With automatic updates and support, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on new features or encountering bugs.

Discover the power of Easy Form Builder and take your form creation to the next level with these amazing features:

  • Create any type of form
  • Survey(Polls) forms
  • Subscribe forms
  • Login forms
  • Register forms
  • Form validation
  • Support Left to Right languages
  • Support Right to Left languages
  • Export of subscribers list
  • Instant reply functionality
  • Switch Button
  • Button group
  • Download Survey dataset CSV
  • Multiple Select
  • Add External Links
  • Countries Dropdown List
  • Insert HTML Code into the form
  • Export form submissions
  • Get Export of Messages
  • Get PDF Export from a Conversion
  • Thank you page
  • Thank you message
  • Ready Email Templates
  • Add upload file to Response Box
  • +30 Input Fields
  • User-Friendly Form Builder
  • Good UX
  • Send Email Notification to Admin and User
  • Create multistep forms
  • phone number
  • net promoter score
  • five-point scale
  • Pie chart surveys
  • Spam Protection
  • Visual Form Layout
  • Sample File Upload
  • Drag and drop upload file
  • Location Picker
  • Digital Signatures
  • Date Picker
  • Rating Star
  • Advanced Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Stripe gateway
  • Heading Field
  • Ticketing system
  • State/Province Dropdown List
  • Manage Entries
  • Remove Easy Form Builder labels
  • Manage Response Box
  • Print a Message(responses)
  • Redirect Page
  • Send Email Notification to users
  • Edit The Email Template
  • Open/Close Responses(tickets)
  • Hijri & Jalali Date Picker
  • Easy To Use
  • No-Code
  • Manage responses and forms easily
  • New Input Fields
  • Arabic Date
  • Jalali Date

With Easy Form Builder, you’ll have everything you need to create and manage professional forms with ease

Creating forms has never been easier with Easy Form Builder. You can design any type of form, including surveys, subscriptions, logins, registrations, and more. With support for left-to-right and right-to-left languages, you can cater to a global audience. The pro version also allows you to export your subscriber list and form submissions, making data analysis a breeze.

The user-friendly interface and good UX make form building a pleasure. You can choose from over 30 + input fields, drag and drop upload files, and even add digital signatures. Want to add payment options? No problem! Easy Form Builder integrates with Stripe gateway, allowing you to create payment forms with ease.

This tutorial will inform you how to activate your Easy form builder Plugin within your WordPress site.

Receive Your Easy form builder activate code

Verifying Your Easy form builder activate code

FAQ of Activate Pro version

First of all, be sure to install the easy form builder plugin on your site.

Receive Your Easy form builder activate code

1- Go to and select the pro version + support form price list

register activate code easy form builder

Notice: the payment is made through Stripe and we do not store your card information on our website.

1: It is necessary to insert the Exact domain name(without www and HTTP/HTTPS) if you want to activate the pro version of the plugin on that.

2- Fill out the form and click on the register button

3- After your registration is done, you will get the code like the below image

activation code easy form builder

Notice: the activate code is just usable in the registered site

Verifying Your Easy form builder activate code

4- Go to your site and the admin panel of WordPress.

5- Go to the Easy Form Builder Plugin.

6- Go to the setting (you can find out form setting in the menu)

Easy form builder WordPress WordPress plugin

7- Enter the activation code on the input section of the Pro version and click on the save button

Easy form builder WordPress WordPress plugin

FAQ of Activate Pro version

How many sites can I use my Easy Form Builder license on?

A license (activation code) can only be used on a single site. Check out our pricing list for more information.

Do subdomains get counted toward site limits?

Each subdomain will count separately toward the site limit.

Upgrade to Easy Form Builder pro version today and take your forms to the next level.