How to Customize the Submit Button?

Are You interested in customizing the submit button in a nice way and fitting with your site’s design or user interface? The submit button of your form can play an important role in submission rates.

In this essay, we’ll introduce you to how to customize the Button text and the following options to submit buttons.

  • Changing the Submit Button Text
  • Changing the Icon Button
  • Changing the Field Color of Button Field
  • Changing the corner Shape of the Button Field
  • Changing the Button Color
  • Changing the Icon Color
  • Changing the Height of the Button

Settings of submit Button

button To change the ‘Submit’ text of your form’s button, create a form and select the submit button and click on the setting button.

submit Button

In setting you to have 7 options for changing and stylizing your submit Button:

Changing the Submit Button Text

You can change this text easily and just erase and re-insert new text and press enter. Simply your text changes.

change submit Button text

Changing the Icon Button

You may want to change your icon. It is so simple and you have to only click the icon field and choose your desired icon.

Icon Button

In this step, You can also search for your desired icon.

search Icon Button

For example, I searched arrow and choose bi-arrow-90deg-right which is appropriate for the design of my site.

arrow Icon Button
  1. Changing the Field Color of Button Field

You can change your field color simply by clicking on the colored field and choosing your desired color.

field color
  1. Changing the corner Shape of the Button Field

In this section, you have an option for the shape of your button field and the two options are rounded and rectangle.

corner field

In this essay, I choose a rounded shape.

  1. Changing the Button Color

You can change your button color in this section.

 Button Color
  1. Changing the Icon Color

You can change your icon color in this section.

Icon Color
  1. Changing the Height of the Button

You can change the Height of your Button in this section. You have four option in this option, and your options are: 1.default 2.large 3.xlarge 4.xxlarge 5.xxxlarge

Height of Button

In this essay, I chose a large height for the icon button.

height of icon button

In last, when you want to create your Form you have to save it like in the image below.

edit form

Copy Shortcode after you save your form.

form saved

Displaying Forms on Your Site

There is a way to add your forms to your site. For this tutorial, we’ll focus on how to display forms on your site within a page or a post.

Embedding Your Form with the Block Editor

Once you’ve opened the page editor, you can add a new block by clicking the plus (+) icon in the upper left corner.

Publishing your Form by pasting shortcodes in the content of the post or page.

When you click on the save button, your form is ready to publish, changes are live on the end of your site, click “publish”.

publish form

By clicking on the view post you can find out your form.

After clicking on the view post button, you may observe your form. Here’s a sample of creating forms on Easy Form builder.

view form

What more do you expect? Harry up, start with Easy Form Builder right now!