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How To Edit Thank You Message Of Forms On Easy Form Builder?

If you’re using the Easy Form Builder plugin for your forms, you can show them a thank you message after they fill out a form. Showing a Thank You message is the best way to confirm to your visitors that the form is filled out.

So now that you see why you should use a thank you message on your forms, let’s check out how to create one.

show People a Thank You Message After Filling Form With Easy Form Builder and how to edit thank you a message.

Well, it’s as simple as possible.

With Easy Form Builder, you can appreciate your visitors by showing them a thank you message after filling out your form. For customizing the thank you message when you are creating your form select the form settings.

form setting

Then, in the form setting, you can write your desired thank you message in thank you message field.

So here you go. We hope these thank you message examples helped inspire you to create your own.

 form created WordPress plugin

You can change and show your thank you message most easily by using Easy Form Builder Plugin.

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