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Active Email Notification in Easy Form Builder

Do you want to automatically send out emails when a client fills out your form? Easy Form Builder makes it simple to setup notifications and emails as soon as a user submits a form on your site.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to setup notification emails in Easy Form Builder.

  1. Setting Up Email Notification
  2. Sending an Email Notification to admin of forms when the form is filled out
  3. Sending an Email Notification to the Person Who Filled Out the Form
  4. Testing Notification Emails
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Setting Up Email Notification

When you open the form builder, go to the panel page to access all the options for your form.

panel form builder

In the Settings section, click on Email Settings to access the email setting of Easy Form Builder.

setting WordPress plugin

In Email Setting which is located in the header, You should simply fill in your email address and then press the Click To Check Email Server button.

If you use a host server as an email server, there is a possibility that the email will go to the spam box.

Email Notification form WordPress plugin

You will receive an email From the Easy Form Builder plugin, which shows your host can send the email. In case of not receiving email, your server/host does not support sending the email. Then Click on the Save button.

Note: If you see a message like the one below, go to your email inbox and check the email with the subject:
Email Server [Easy Form Builder]

Keep in mind that in cases where emails are sent to spam (the reason for this is related to your host)
If you have received an email, as shown in the image below:
I verify that this host supports and stores SMTP
Select and hit the save button.

2. Sending an Email Notification to the admin of forms when the form is filled out

For setting up this feature you have to enable it in the form set in the create form section.

 form setting WordPress plugin

Only you should insert your Email Address to get informed whenever your forms are filled out by your clients.

contact us form setting field

3. Sending an Email Notification to the Person Who Filled Out the Form

Sending an email to the user who filled out the form is an easy and nice way to inform the user that you have received their data.

To setup this super easy option, when you create a form then drag and drop the email option into your form, and click on the setting of email like the below image.

Email Notification form WordPress plugin

In this position simply click on the enable email notification button.

enable Email Notification form

And save the form.


In order to respond to the customer’s filled form, the admin of the form should proceed through the Easy Form Builder panel to respond to a filled form, and a new email notification will be sent to the customer who filled out the form.

3. Testing Notification Emails

Once your notification settings are configured, we recommend checking to make sure that everything is working properly. During this time, you can ensure that email notifications are working as they should.

If you don’t receive new messages in your inbox, check your spam folder. If your notifications are not being delivered, you may need to install and activate WP Mail SMTP.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving my notification emails?

If you’re not receiving notification emails, first make sure that you have configured everything correctly. If your settings look correct, the issue may be because emails sent from WordPress are not authenticated by default, unlike emails sent from dedicated email service providers. As a result, they are often filtered out by the receiving mail server and not delivered.